Parts for Violin & Cello

  1. Go Where Glory Waits Thee (Violin) (Cello)
  2. Though the Last Glimpse of Erin (Violin) (Cello)
  3. O Were My Love Yon Lilac Fair (Violin) (Cello)
  4. O Whistle an’ I’ll Come to Ye (Violin) (Cello)
  5. Ance Mair I Hail Thee (Violin) (Cello)
  6. When I Was a Maid (Violin) (Cello)
  7. Row Gently Here (Violin) (Cello)
  8. At Night (Violin) (Cello)
  9. Silent, O Moyle (Violin) (Cello)
  10. When Through the Piazzetta (Violin) (Cello)
  11. Their Groves O’ Sweet Myrtle (Violin) (Cello)
  12. The Catrine Woods (1) (Violin) (Cello)
  13. Tho’ Women’s Minds (Violin) (Cello)
  14. Come, Take the Harp (Violin) (Cello)
  15. What Can a Young Lassie (Violin) (Cello)
  16. By Yon Castle Wa’ (Violin) (Cello)
  17. Young Jamie (Violin) (Cello)
  18. How Dear to Me the Hour (1) (Violin) (Cello)
  19. Oh! No – Not E’en When First We Loved (Violin) (Cello)
  20. Nights Of Music (Violin) (Cello)
  21. Of A’ the Airts the Wind Can Blaw (Violin) (Cello)
  22. When Thro’ Life Unblest We Rove (Violin) (Cello)
  23. Ae Fond Kiss (Violin) (Cello)
  24. My Luve is Like a Red, Red Rose (Violin) (Cello)
  25. The Small Birds Rejoice (Violin) (Cello)
  26. I Dream’d I Lay Where Flow’rs (1) (Violin) (Cello)
  27. Lovely Young Jessie (Violin) (Cello)
  28. Farewell to the Highlands (Violin) (Cello)
  29. Thou Emblem of Faith (Violin) (Cello)
  30. They Came From a Land Beyond the Sea (Violin) (Cello)
  31. At the Mid Hour of Night (Violin) (Cello)
  32. If Sadly Thinking (Violin) (Cello)
  33. Quick! We Have But a Second (Violin) (Cello)
  34. O Stay, Sweet Warbling Woodlark (Violin) (Cello)
  35. Go, Then – ‘Tis Vain to Hover (Violin) (Cello)
  36. Those Evening Bells! (Violin) (Cello)
  37. Mary Morison (Violin) (Cello)
  38. The Catrine Woods (2) (Violin) (Cello)
  39. How Dear to Me the Hour (2) (Violin) (Cello)
  40. I Dream’d I Lay Where Flow’rs (2) (Violin) (Cello)
  41. The Girl I Love (Violin) (Cello)
  42. We May Roam Through This World (Violin) (Cello)
  43. Come, May, with All Thy Flowers (Violin) (Cello)
  44. Oh! Had We Some Bright Little Isle (Violin) (Cello)
  45. As Vanquished Erin (Violin) (Cello)
  46. The Day Returns (Violin) (Cello)
  47. Ah, Me! When Shall I Marry Me (Violin) (Cello)
  48. The Kiss, Dear Maid, Thy Lip Has Left (Violin) (Cello)
  49. The Young Rose (Violin) (Cello)
  50. I’d Mourn the Hopes (Violin) (Cello)
  51. Oh! Breathe Not His Name (1) (Violin) (Cello)
  52. When He Who Adores Thee (Violin) (Cello)
  53. Fly Not Yet (Violin) (Cello)
  54. Love’s Young Dream (Violin) (Cello)
  55. When Spring Begems the Dewy Scene (Violin) (Cello)
  56. Lesbia Hath a Beaming Eye (Violin) (Cello)
  57. Avenging and Bright (Violin) (Cello)
  58. O Bonie Was Yon Rosy Brier (Violin) (Cello)
  59. When Thou Shalt Wander (Violin) (Cello)
  60. Kate Kearney (Violin) (Cello)
  61. Oh! Breathe Not His Name (2) (Violin) (Cello)
  62. Awa’ wi’ your Witchcraft (Violin) (Cello)
  63. Come, Rest in This Bosom (Violin) (Cello)
  64. Thou Fair Eliza (Violin) (Cello)
  65. Oh! Weep for the Hour (Violin) (Cello)
  66. Let Erin Remember (Violin) (Cello)
  67. Kitty of Coleraine (Violin) (Cello)
  68. The Minstrel Boy (Violin) (Cello)
  69. Erin, O Erin! (Violin) (Cello)
  70. Hark! The Vesper Hymn Is Stealing (Violin) (Cello)
  71. Farewell! – But Whenever (Violin) (Cello)
  72. Erin! The Tear and the Smile in Thine Eyes (Violin) (Cello)