Sample Tracks

A selection of sound clips from the recordings, approximately 45 seconds each:

Row Gently Here (Track 7; CD 1, Track 7)
Tara McSwiney (Soprano), Lawrence Thackeray (Tenor), Aoife O’Sullivan-Hubbard (Piano)

Go Then – ‘Tis Vain to Hover (Track 35; CD 2, Track 17)
Colette Boushell (Soprano), Andrew Boushell (Tenor), Shirin Goudarzi-Tobin (Piano), Duo Chagall

How Dear to Me the Hour (Track 39; CD 3, Track 3)
Alison Browner (Mezzo-soprano), Mary Scarlett (Piano), Duo Chagall

I’d Mourn the Hopes (Track 50; CD 3, Track 14)
Eamonn Mulhall (Tenor), Sinéad Campbell-Wallace (Soprano), Mary Scarlett (Piano)

Fly Not Yet (Track 53; CD 3, Track 17)
Aoife O’Sullivan (Soprano), Leanne Fitzgerald (Mezzo-soprano), Alison Thomas (Piano), Duo Chagall

Oh! Breathe Not His Name (Track 61; CD 4, Track 7)
Shauna Buckingham (Soprano), Niall Gallagher (Tenor), David Howes (Baritone), David Scott (Baritone), Danusia Oslizlok (Piano), Duo Chagall

Let Erin Remember (Track 66; CD 4, Track 12)
Edel Shannon (Soprano), Leanne Fitzgerald (Mezzo-soprano), Alison Thomas (Piano), Duo Chagall

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